What Can We Expect in 2019?

These recent years have been good to commercial real estate. Things have improved considerably in so many geographical areas since The Great Recession, but what does the future now hold for us? We know that the economy and the real…

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How to Do Business Effectively Over the Holidays

This is the month where the Holidays are now officially in high gear, and it is the one time of the year that’s very different than any other time. In addition, with the overall pace of life continually getting faster…

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How Much Does Property Insurance Really Protect You?

Property Insurance

Property insurance is something that we traditionally insist on having in place on commercial properties that we own. The thought of potentially sustaining major damage to one of our properties, and not being protected by insurance for the loss, would…

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It’s Time for a 2018 Midyear Checkup?

Here we are right now in the middle of 2018, and how are you doing in accomplishing your goals for the entire year? With this in mind, it may be wise to check in and see how you’re doing, to…

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What Does Your Negotiating Style Reveal About You?

Everyone has their own negotiating style, but what does your own style of negotiating really reveal about you? In addition, what can someone else’s negotiating style reveal to you about them, too, and can their style give you some clues…

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What Will Happen to Available Funding

Having good financing available is a major supporting factor in maintaining solid commercial real estate values. Whenever our economy is recovering from an economic downturn, the increased ease with which borrowers can then obtain loans, when combined with being able…

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