The Relationship Between Cap Rates and Property Appreciation

Cap Rates and Property Appreciation

The cap rate is one of the most basic calculations that investors often utilize when assessing both a property’s value, and its current rate of return on investment. This figure represents a property’s net annual income divided by the purchase…

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Why Infill Land is Important to Real Estate Developers

Infill Land and Real Estate Developers

If you’ve never heard the term “infill land”, it refers to land that’s located within highly developed areas. The land will typically be surrounded by buildings, and it will be one of very few remaining parcels of vacant land within…

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What Can We Expect in 2019?

These recent years have been good to commercial real estate. Things have improved considerably in so many geographical areas since The Great Recession, but what does the future now hold for us? We know that the economy and the real…

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How to Do Business Effectively Over the Holidays

This is the month where the Holidays are now officially in high gear, and it is the one time of the year that’s very different than any other time. In addition, with the overall pace of life continually getting faster…

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