I’m a Property Seller / Investor

I’m a Property Seller / Investor

It’s true. Knowledge is power.

To achieve the highest selling price when you decide to sell your commercial property, you must have a firm understanding of what properties have recently sold and what is currently on the market. If you’re a property seller hoping to make the most from your transaction, it’s crucial to understand the current market conditions, any zoning issues, and all of the pertinent property inspections. And that’s only a small fraction of what you need to know.

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The 4 Step Disposition Program

We use the power of market knowledge to effectively coordinate your efforts and save you valuable time.

1. Develop Pricing

•Tax value
•Comparable sales value
•Determine highest listing price value

2. Develop Market Strategies

•Design marketing materials showcasing your property or facility to generate interest from the brokerage community and buyers.
•Sign placement on property.

3. Present to Market

•Property is presented to the brokerage community and prospective buyers on a regular basis.
•Electronic listing services.

4. Successful Closing

•Negotiating sale contracts.
•If needed, assist buyer with due diligence.

Informative Videos

Follow the four steps of our Bertolina Building Sales Program, and we’ll make sure you sell your commercial real estate for the highest price possible.

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