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Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Strategy for 2018

With the Holiday Season now being upon us, and
with their oftentimes being a natural feeling of
slowing down during the Holiday Season, this can
be the perfect time to create your commercial real
estate game plan for 2018.
So what is it that you want to accomplish within
commercial real estate? Do you want to buy a
building? Do you want to invest in property?

Is there a lease coming up for renewal that needs your attention? Or could it be time to consider refinancing a loan?


These are the kinds of questions that it’s good to be asking yourself, because this is the time of year when you’re more likely to have the time to address these subjects, and plan your strategy accordingly.
One of the best ways to begin this process is to brainstorm everything that you want to accomplish within this arena in 2018, and write these things down on a list. Then prioritize these items in the order of importance, and design the game plan to accomplish each one within 2018. In addition, this is also a tool that can be utilized for accomplishing any goals that will be important to you within 2018.

Then once you have your game plan designed for accomplishing each of your goals, it will now come down to focus and accountability. With this in mind, write down the goals that you’d like to accomplish by the end of the first quarter of next year, which will be goals that will be in alignment with everything that you want to accomplish within the entire calendar year. These first quarter goals will then represent the important stepping stones that you’ll want to accomplish within that time frame, which will then make solid progress towards you accomplishing your goals for the entire year.

Then as you’re working through the first quarter, be looking at that list of goals to accomplish within the first quarter, and schedule your activities within those weeks to make sure that you’re accomplishing those goals. Along the way, at least once a week, look at that list of your first quarter goals to make sure you’re on track towards accomplishing them, then make any necessary adjustments to your weekly activities.

So then at the end of every quarter, set new goals to accomplish by the end of that next quarter, that will be in alignment with you accomplishing your overall goals for the year, and continue on in doing what was recommended to you for remaining focused and on track during your first quarter.

When you do this throughout the year, you’ll then remain focused on doing what will have you achieve all of your goals for 2018.